Urgent.. an important warning from the police and civil defense to citizens and expatriates

The Ministry of Interior has warned all citizens and residents of some unacceptable negative behaviors that impede the provision of humanitarian aid.

The police and the Civil Defense Authority called on all citizens and residents to make way for ambulances and civil defense to reach the accident sites to perform their humanitarian tasks in rescuing the injured. Civilians as quickly as possible to carry out their duty to provide humanitarian assistance to the injured and save their lives

Abu Dhabi Police also indicated that (obstructing traffic, “gathering” during accidents) is a fine of 1,000 dirhams, in order to reduce crowds and random parking of vehicles on the roads in places where fires and traffic accidents occur, and to prevent traffic jams in the places where the accident occurred.

The police also confirmed that filming traffic accidents, publishing their photos and exchanging them on social media is a legally criminal behavior in accordance with the text of Article (197 bis 2) of the Penal Code, which punishes imprisonment and a fine (anyone who uses a means of communication, information technology, or any other Another way to publish information or news even if it is true) This is according to what was published by Al-Bayan newspaper.