Urgent.. An Indian resident finds a bag with a million dirhams on his way home

In urgent news, the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates announced that it honored a resident who works in the country, as the resident had found a bag containing one million dirhams on his way to his home, and he is a resident of Indian nationality, and he found it in the elevator of his building in Dubai.

In this context, an Indian resident in the UAE was surprised to find a bag of money that he had never expected to find all this money on his way or at his residence.

The Indian employee, Tariq Mahmoud Khaled Mahmoud, found a bag containing one million dirhams inside the elevator of the building in which he lives.

A sum of money was placed in the bag, amounting to one million dirhams, but despite that, the man did not hesitate to take the appropriate decision and immediately went to the police station in order to deliver the money, as he expected that its owner would be looking for it, and he was worried about losing it and expected that the owner did not remember that he He forgot her in the elevator.

According to what was reported by the Director of Al Barsha Police Station, Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafi`, the resident handed over hopes to the station quickly and without hesitation, and this matter called for honoring the honest resident Z.

The Director of Al Barsha Police Station confirmed that the resident's behavior demonstrated the noble values ​​that the Emirati society is proud of in all its segments and categories.

It is worth noting that the honor came within the framework of the management’s interest in Al Barsha Center to motivate citizens and residents to be partners in achieving the strategic objectives of Dubai Police in order to enhance security and stability.