Urgent.. Arab countries begin imposing Corona's passport on travelers, citizens and expatriates

The Tunisian authorities decided to impose a corona vaccination passport on citizens and foreigners visiting the country, according to the decree published in the official newspapers.

A presidential decree issued by the Tunisian presidential authorities stated that it was decided to impose a corona vaccination passport for Tunisians and foreigners visiting Tunisia.

The presidential decree also stated that all officials and employees will also be required to show their vaccination card to gain access to public and private administrations. Work will be suspended for those who have not received the vaccination.

It is worth noting that the presidential decree imposed on cafes, restaurants, hotels, tourist facilities and public areas not to enter except for those who have a special vaccination card

It is worth mentioning that Tunisia succeeded in vaccinating more than eight million and 813 thousand people out of more than 11 million people, and about 4 million and 290 thousand people completed the full vaccination, according to what was published by the Reuters news channel.