Urgent: Arab countries impose a health passport on travelers

In order to avoid resorting to taking measures to restrict movement and suspend some economic, commercial and social activities, and even home quarantine, the authorities adopt the health passport.

In this context, an informed source stated that the Algerian authorities have adopted a health passport for vaccination, in order to enter various public places such as stadiums and concert halls, in addition to requiring entry and exit from the national territory, as part of an effort to regular adaptation of the health crisis management system.

The source stated that the Algerian government is keen to remind that it will take decisions that are commensurate with the development of the epidemiological situation, which is represented in restrictive measures for movement and for some activities.

It is worth noting that the Pasteur Institute in Algeria announced the registration of the second case of the new Omicron mutant of the Corona virus.

For its part, health authorities in Algeria warned of a fourth wave of HIV infections, at a time when quarantine procedures were eased in the various states of the country.

Accordingly, the Algerian government will make arrangements to intensify vaccination operations for employees and some wires of public administrations and bodies, as well as other professions in the service and trade sectors, which are supposed to be at the forefront of the demand for vaccination operations, which are more likely or may be one of the most carriers of infection, according to what Al-Bayan newspaper published it.