Urgent.. Arab schools closed due to the spread of a dangerous germ of unknown source

The media spokesman for the Jordanian Ministry of Education announced that school hours in Jerash and Ajloun will be suspended for one day only, and the extension depends on health developments in areas that contain the “Shigella” germ.

Ahmed Al-Masafah said that the suspension of work will be for sterilization purposes, and that the ministry’s platform is ready for distance learning in the regions, according to the region.

Today, Sunday, Roya TV reported the arrival of 14 new suspected cases of poisoning, bringing the total number of injuries in the governorate to 72.

In previous statements, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health for Technical and Administrative Affairs, Ilham Khreisat, said that the number of cases of poisoning in Ajloun governorate has risen to 15.

Yesterday, Saturday, Minister of Health Firas Al-Hawari visited Jerash Governmental Hospital, and checked on the health status of nine children who were admitted for suspected symptoms of Shigella poisoning.

He explained that Shigella is highly contagious, and children and the elderly are the most likely to be infected, which is usually cured after 3 days of infection, and usually does not need antibiotic treatment, except in severe cases that require the clinical picture.
The minister pointed out that this germ is usually active in the fall, and is transmitted to humans through water and food if it is present in them, as it is transmitted from one body to another through contact.

Safety measures and washing hands, vegetables and fruits are among the most important pillars of controlling the spread of this infection after the initial poisoning.