Dubai Municipality has called on all members of society to be familiar with health and safety laws in the emirate, in order to avoid committing violations that harm the environment and distort the city's civilized appearance.

It stressed that it is carrying out intensive inspection and control campaigns to address any violations of the city's civilized appearance, especially random behaviors that individuals or institutions may carry out, such as disposing of public waste in other places, spitting in public places, and pasting advertisements or publications that distort the general appearance of the city.

The municipality has identified 11 environmental violations, which harm the civilized appearance of the city, in which members of the community may fall, punishable by law according to Local Ordinance No. 11 of 2003 regarding public health and community safety.

The list of violations includes “disposing of waste in public places in the Emirate or in vacant lands or in locations other than those designated for disposal, or in violation of the rules and requirements approved by the municipality, the value of which is 1,000 dirhams, disposal of construction and demolition waste and the remnants of technical and production processes for companies, factories and institutions in Other than the approved disposal sites, the value of which is 5000 dirhams. The vehicle wash water is liquefied in places other than those designated for this by the competent department, and the value of the violation is 500 dirhams.

And she continued, "Among the violations are air-conditioning water falling or any water leaking on sidewalks and roads, the value of which is estimated at 100 dirhams, spitting in public places is punishable by 500, while a violation of spitting remnants of dairy or throwing its waste in public places is 1,000 dirhams, and a violation of collection or storage is 1,000 dirhams. Or transporting, reusing, recycling or treating any waste produced by third parties or providing cleaning services in public places without obtaining a prior permission from the competent department and abiding by the standards and conditions it sets for this purpose. 5000 dirhams.”

Violations also include pasting advertisements, publications, publications and others in a way that distorts the general appearance of the emirate 1000 dirhams, animal owners not removing the waste generated by their animals while they are in public places 500 dirhams, setting fires or barbecuing in public places not allowed by the municipality 500 dirhams, tampering with the contents The municipal waste container or digging up its contents for the purpose of obtaining recyclable materials or any other waste. 1000 dirhams.