Urgent circular from identity and nationality to civil aviation regarding resident travel

Identity and Nationality: Suspension of work on the residence voucher for expatriates.

In this context, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security in the United Arab Emirates issued a few hours ago a new important circular addressed to the General Civil Aviation Authority in the country.

It was mentioned in the Identity and Citizenship Circular that the work of the residence voucher for non-nationals residing in the UAE has been suspended, and the “identity card” that is issued to foreign expatriates in order to prove his residence in the Emirates has been approved.

In a related context, the Identity and Nationality announced the start of work based on the ID card as a substitute for the residence voucher, starting on April 11, 2022.

On the other hand, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship clarified the issuance of a new decision by the UAE Cabinet No. (2/31 and) for the year 2022 AD during session No. (2), and the new decision came including:

First: Suspension of issuing residency vouchers to expatriates in the UAE.

Second: Approval of the identity card that is issued to foreigners to prove his residence in the country.

Airlines can verify the effectiveness of the residency through the early inquiry center by (passport number - and the Emirates ID card, which contains residency data), according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.