Urgent circular from the police now to residents of several regions of the country not to leave their homes

The Ministry of the Interior is working to contain the repercussions of weather conditions.. It calls for not leaving homes in rainy areas .

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the safety of people and property is "a top priority" and it is working with the relevant police teams and civil defense agencies in coordination with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority to respond to any emergency as a result of torrential rains and floods in a number of regions of the country, in accordance with the directives of the UAE government seeking to enhance protection lives and property.

The Ministry of the Interior and the general leadership of the police had issued warnings and awareness instructions in coordination with the concerned authorities to mitigate the damage that may arise from the fluctuation of the weather, especially with the expectation of intensifying rain and winds, and the police teams take all necessary measures to secure and protect individuals and property through their teams deployed in all regions of the country It also continues its work in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic through field patrols.

The Ministry of Interior called on the honorable public to adhere to the instructions and instructions of the concerned authorities, to exercise caution, adhere to safety requirements, and not to leave homes, especially in areas that witness heavy rain, except for necessity, and to drive with extreme caution, stressing the importance of responding to the instructions, instructions and directives of the concerned authorities, in order to preserve lives and property and to enhance security. the society.