Urgent circular to all passengers arriving and departing from the country through the airport

Dubai Airports Corporation reported today that about 1.8 million passengers will transit through Dubai Airport, during the period between the 25th of November and the 5th of next December, i.e. in a period of 11 days, which indicates that Dubai International Airport will be very crowded, as the airport will reach about 164,000 Daily passengers, but on December 4, Dubai International Airport will reach about 190,000 passengers per day.

For his part, Issa Al Shamsi, Vice President of Operations at Dubai Airports, said that Dubai Airports works permanently with more than 80 airlines and control authorities, as well as with all its commercial and service sector partners to ensure that passengers enjoy a safe and smooth experience at Dubai International Airport. ".

Dubai Airports Corporation seeks to make passenger flights during the upcoming peak comfortable and smooth as well, after following a few simple tips. The Corporation also emphasized to all passengers and travelers through Dubai airports to pay attention to the following:

They are fully aware of the latest travel controls for their travel destination.
Passengers must contact the airlines corresponding to their destination in this regard, in order to ensure that they bring all the necessary documents with the required validity date before their arrival at the airport.
Everyone should be aware that the roads leading to the airport may be very crowded at peak times, so precautions must be taken for that, by heading early.
Passengers should use electronic means and self-service whenever possible for a smooth and easy start to their journey.
This will allow only passengers with an airline ticket to enter this departure gate, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.