emergency landing
emergency landing

Hours ago, the competent authorities at Cairo International Airport declared a state of emergency in Corridor 05C, while preparing for the landing of the Sudanese plane that took off from Khartoum Airport because its right engine stopped while flying in the sky before the completion of its landing at Cairo Airport, and the competent authorities immediately dealt With the plane and the completion of the process of disembarking passengers safely.

On the other hand, some navigational sources at Cairo International Airport reported that a reference had been received to the control tower at the airport by the commander of the Sudanese plane belonging to the "Badr Airlines" company, which was coming from Khartoum Airport to Cairo.

The Sudanese plane had sent a signal to the control tower 30 miles before landing, explaining that the right engine in the plane had stopped working due to an emergency failure during flight.

The Sudanese plane was carrying more than 120 passengers.

On the other hand, the navigational sources explained that as soon as the plane’s signal was received, an immediate firefighting deployment took place in the airport corridor, awaiting and ready to land the Sudanese plane on Corridor 05C, as the teams dealt with the plane and complete the passengers ’disembarkation safely without any injuries or losses, and start dealing. With an aircraft engine malfunction.