Urgent Decree .. Defining the obligations of expatriates and workers in the private sector

Hours ago, the United Arab Emirates witnessed the issuance of important federal decrees regulating the working conditions in the private sector among workers, employers and institutions, and specifying the obligations of all individuals in the work system.

In this context, the Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 regulating labor relations in the United Arab Emirates was officially announced.

On a related level, the new decree specifies that it has imposed on workers in private sector institutions and establishments in the UAE the following:

First: The obligation to perform the work tasks by himself in accordance with the directions and supervision of the institution or the employer or his representative, in accordance with the provisions of the work contract.

Second: The worker is prohibited from outsourcing the work to any other person, whether he is a worker or otherwise.

Third: Commitment to good behavior and good morals while performing work tasks.

Fourth: The worker must abide by honesty and professional integrity during the performance of his work duties and to maintain the means of production as well as the preservation of work tools in his custody.

Fifth: To maintain the confidentiality of work information and data that he can know by virtue of his work, and to commit not to disclose them.

Sixth: The worker's obligation to return the custody to the employer or institution upon the end of his service.