Urgent .. Determine 3 ways to prove residence for expatriates

Today, the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security has stopped issuing the residence sticker to foreigners in all requests for issuance or renewal of residence, which were submitted today through the various service centers at the state level, and a new unified form was used that includes the issuance and renewal of residence and identity card services in one application. , While there has been no change in the previous fees so far, according to what was reported by officials in the offices of the "Emirates Today" service.

Several inquiries were received from readers about how to prove their residence in the UAE during the process of traveling and coming from abroad to the country, as well as about government and private transactions in their countries that may require them to prove residence in the UAE, after stopping printing the poster.
According to the procedures announced by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, there are 3 ways for foreigners to prove their residence in the Emirates, the first:
It is the Emirates ID card issued to a foreigner residing in the country. The card includes all the details mentioned previously in the residence voucher, and arriving travelers can show it to airlines, where the passport reader available at the platforms of companies operating in the air transport sector at airports will be used.
The second way to prove residency is to obtain it electronically via the Emirates ID’s smart application, and then print it, and the third way is to obtain residency details through a printed form that can be applied for under the authority’s stamp, through individuals’ accounts using the authority’s app or through the smart services system via The website www.icp.gov.ae which allows you to print the residence details form