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The head of the Islamic Affairs, Endowments and Public Utilities Committee in the Federal National Council, Saeed Rashid Al-Abedy, revealed that the recommendations adopted by the committee on the topic of “Sheikh Zayed Housing Program Policy” and submitted to the Council for delivery to the government during the Council session scheduled today, included the creation and addition of a new recommendation to cancel service fees. Connecting electricity, water, utilities and other infrastructure services, to the beneficiaries of the program, stressing that the council will discuss 21 parliamentary recommendations regarding the topics of “Sheikh Zayed Housing Program Policy” and “Policy of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure” during the session, in preparation for sending them to the government to take the necessary action regarding them. .

In detail, the Federal National Council, during its 13th session of the third ordinary session of the 17th legislative term, scheduled to be held this morning, chaired by the Speaker of the Council, Saqr Ghobash, the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, an official letter containing 21 parliamentary recommendations adopted by the Council, in a substantive matter. The policy of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and the policy of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, in preparation for submission to the Council of Ministers to take the necessary action, and to notify the National Council of that.

The head of the Islamic Affairs, Endowments and Public Utilities Committee, Saeed Rashid Al-Abedy, confirmed that the committee adopted its final report on the recommendations of the two topics, and submitted it to the Council after reformulating it according to what the members of the Council concluded during the discussion of the two topics in the 11th session of the current session, in the presence of the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure , Suhail bin Muhammad Faraj Al Mazrouei, a number of leaders of the ministry, the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, and government representatives.

Al-Abedy expressed his sincere pride, gratitude and appreciation for the directives issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, to complete all housing grant applications for previous years within the "Sheikh Zayed Housing Program" at an amount of 2.3 billion dirhams, pointing out that this decision comes within the framework of keenness His Highness aims to achieve the well-being of the citizen and society, provide family stability and build a happy society.

Al-Abedy told "Emirates Today": "This decision reflects how close His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is to his people and touches their needs, and confirms His Highness's keenness to provide all the necessary capabilities and tools that lead to more stability and cohesion of the Emirati family fabric, and to provide A stable life that enhances the quality of life and decent living for them, in a manner befitting the position of the UAE.”

He added: "The Council adopted 21 parliamentary recommendations during its discussion of the two topics of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program policy and the policy of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, including five recommendations for the policy of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and 16 recommendations related to the policy of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, after creating and adding a new recommendation to cancel fees Electricity, water, utilities, and other infrastructure services for citizens benefiting from the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, explaining that the rest of the recommendations included “adding an item in Cabinet Resolution No. (61) of 2021 regarding the executive regulations for the conditions and controls for providing housing assistance, to include specifying A period of time for the beneficiary to obtain housing support, whether it is a grant or a loan, from the date of the issuance of the final approval decision on the application (taking into account the material changes that may occur in the applicant’s data), as well as the amendment of the executive regulations regarding the conditions and controls for providing housing assistance in relation to the system of deduction program Sheikh Zayed Housing for housing support, so that it suits the beneficiary’s income and deductions, and defines clear mechanisms regarding exemption from paying the loan in full or reducing the installment of the social support I am for those affected by loans, or those who are unable to earn a living, or those referred to the retirement pension, or senior citizens, and link this to a specific period of time to complete these procedures.”

He pointed out that the final list of recommendations also included “increasing the number of housing decisions related to housing grants to meet the needs of this category of eligible people and provide them with a decent life, and raise the ceiling of housing grants in line with the rise in building and construction prices and high inflation rates in the country, in addition to developing an action plan to implement a recommendation.” The Federal National Council issued on 4/24/2018 in the third regular session of the 15th legislative term and approved by the Council of Ministers on 2/7/2019 regarding the policy of the Ministry of Community Development, regarding family building and facilitating access to government housing for those who are about to marry and polygamous marriages, and reducing the deduction rates for housing financing by returning the payment period as it was in the past.

Al-Abedy explained that the recommendations also included “coordination and cooperation between the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and the housing authorities in the country, with the aim of providing a stock of land for future housing projects and their infrastructure and facilities, and coordination and cooperation with the housing authorities in the country to prepare a unified database at the state level regarding Determining current and future housing needs, and developing work programs for cooperation and coordination with the private sector to effectively involve it in housing projects in the country.

The recommendations also included, according to Al-Abedy, “creating a unified housing number at the state level that helps determine the current and future needs in the housing sector and facilitates the process of communication with the beneficiaries of housing programs, as well as the establishment of a population data and monitoring center that specializes in monitoring, analyzing and studying the housing sector in the state and the variables affecting it.” And linking it to the numbers of those who are about to get married, which contributes to preparing studies and proactive plans that determine the future housing needs of citizens, in addition to linking the unified housing portal platform with the housing authorities, with the aim of obtaining services and requests related to housing and saving time and effort for the citizen, and finally increasing targeted awareness programs