Urgent.. Disrupting the airport and withdrawing the plane after parts of it crashed during landing

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed a few hours ago, announcing the disruption of the airport for several hours, after a dangerous landing of the EgyptAir plane, and the start of investigations into the incident.

An official statement was issued in which it was announced that God's providence saved the lives of the passengers of an Egyptian plane from death due to a serious emergency during the implementation of the landing at Medina Airport in Saudi Arabia.

The EgyptAir plane, which took off from Cairo International Airport on the flight to Madinah, encountered a sudden explosion in the tires of the plane's wheel, which resulted in massive damage and caused the airport to be disabled.

Some informed sources revealed that the EgyptAir plane had about 160 people on board, including 6 crew members, a B737-800, with the letters SU - GEE registered.

On the other hand, some well-informed sources in the EgyptAir Police explained that the emergency situation that everyone was surprised by during landing resulted in the explosion of the front tires, and as the rubber flew in the air, causing a loud popping sound, then it collided with the wings and hull of the plane violently, causing severe damage to the hull of the plane as it retreated. The plane's height was the reason for it to crawl on the engine and the belly of the plane, which caused severe damage to the engine as well and to the plane's fuselage from below.

The pilot struggled to maintain the plane's trajectory as much as possible on the runway.

Informed sources revealed the safety of all passengers who were on the EgyptAir plane, and it was announced that the runway would be closed in order to withdraw the plane for maintenance and disrupt the airport for 3 hours.

The Saudi authorities announced the opening of extensive investigations into the incident, and the flying caravan was called to investigate the causes of the incident, but everyone was surprised when they returned to Cairo.