Urgent.. Expatriates were arrested and imprisoned for a handbag

The UAE police arrested two expatriates who found a handbag with an amount of 14,000 dirhams, in addition to 3,900 euros, and accused them of theft, and they were referred to the Public Prosecution.

In this context, the investigations reported that an Arab businessman forgot a handbag with an amount of 14,000 dirhams in it, in addition to 3,900 euros, inside a taxi, which he took from Salah Al-Din Street in Dubai, and after getting off the taxi, two (Arabs) rode inside the vehicle instead of delivering it to Taxi driver to return it to its owner, they stole it

After he got off the taxi, he discovered that he had forgotten the bag and immediately lodged a complaint with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai. Immediately, the relevant department of the Roads and Transport Authority reviewed the surveillance cameras, and discovered that the two passengers who boarded the vehicle after the complainant seized the lost bag, and then the incident was referred to the police. Dubai.

For its part, the General Department of Investigation formed a security team, which concluded that the two passengers were from an Arab country, who later boarded the taxi and seized the bag, and he was able to identify and arrest them.

Immediately, the police arrested the accused, as one of them admitted that they saw the bag in the back seat of the taxi, and decided to steal it, and divided the amount that they found inside, but the two accused later retracted their statements before the Criminal Court, noting that they took the bag by mistake, after they Each thought it belonged to the other, and they asked for clemency.

The Dubai Criminal Court ruled that each of the accused be imprisoned for a month and a fine of 30,000 dirhams jointly between them, and then deported them from the state, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.