Urgent.. Facilities for entering passengers arriving through airports in these areas

The Civil Aviation Authority in Egypt circulated a new circular to grant facilities for the entry of tourists through ports and airports to encourage the movement of incoming tourism from abroad.

The Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that nationals of South Africa, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan were granted emergency entry visas from various ports of entry, adding that to the electronic visa platform "E-VISA".

The Civil Aviation Authority clarified that foreigners arriving from the various ports of entry were granted emergency entry visas on the condition that they hold entry visas to the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, Japan, the United States and the Schengen countries on their passports, provided that these visas are valid and previously used, except for nationals 10 countries: Syria, Iraq, Mali, Turkey, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Niger and Israel.

The civil aviation indicated that those coming to the airports and ports of South Sinai Governorate will be granted a 15-day visit stamp to the Gulf of Aqaba and Saint Catherine region, which allows presence in the cities of Dahab, Nuweiba, Sharm El Sheikh, Saint Catherine and Taba, for nationals of 6 countries, namely China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco and Algeria, provided that they present return air tickets and confirmed hotel reservations, and that they hold sufficient foreign exchange in the amount of at least $2000 or a credit card.