Urgent for expatriates: How to obtain entry visas for free or at a symbolic value

The United Arab Emirates has offered an exceptional service to all travelers through its international airports, as it has provided transitors with two new types of visas that allow them to enter the Emirates for two days or more, free of charge or at a nominal value, and the following are the full details.

The UAE authorities have allowed agents of UAE national airlines to submit requests for transit visas for travelers who are customers of national airlines only.

The application for transit visas is carried out by the national airlines through the smart channels that are officially affiliated with the residence and citizenship in the Emirates.

The UAE authorities have indicated that it is forbidden to extend the free 48-hour transit visa to a 96-hour visa, explaining that the provision of 48-hour visas is issued to customers traveling completely free of charge in order to enable the traveler to roam in the UAE.

The UAE authorities have drawn attention to several conditions for obtaining a transit visa:

First: that you must apply for a visa before traveling to the UAE.

Secondly, the traveler must leave the country on time.

Third, it is stipulated that the validity of the passport or travel document should be three months before travelling.

Fourth: The traveler must obtain a ticket in advance to continue his journey.

Fifth: The traveler should go to a country other than the country from which he came.

Sixth: Provide a personal photo with a white background.