Urgent Give expatriates new benefits for an extended visa

Granting expatriates with extended visa new exceptional benefits and traveling to 5 countries worldwide, without the need for a visa.

The UAE authorities made it clear in an important statement that all the holders of residence for the United Arab Emirates are required. This card is valid if the conditions are met, it is allowed to conduct visits to only 5 regions.

It was decided to grant expatriates travel decisions without a passport. Visiting five tourist destinations without the need for a prior visa. These destinations, which are characterized by their geographical proximity (4 flying hours from the UAE airports), have been transformed, in recent years, to important tourist stations, and Emirati carriers operate Direct flights to it, get to know it:

A list of countries whose arrivals are exempted from their entry visas.

First: Uzbekistan
Emirates Emirates also announced that the residence for \ the state's residency, valid UAE, entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan, so that it will not be more than 30 days, without prior visa, as of January 1, 2020.

Second: Kyrgyzstan:
In addition to the campaign to establish a state, the Kyrgyz Republic finally introduced amendments to the visa regime for UAE residence holders in effect, as they can obtain a tourist visa for one month upon arrival at the airport in Bishkek.

Third: the Maldives
As for the third destination of the country's residents, they visit the Maldives without a visa, or they may obtain a visa once they reach the airport, for a period of 30 days.

As for the third destination, people who hold a valid residence visa in the UAE will get a one-month tourist visa upon arrival at the airports in Azerbaijan.

Finally, regarding the UAE, who hold a valid residence visa for the UAE, they also obtain a visa when they arrive in Georgia for a period of 90 days, according to what was published through Emirates newspaper today.