Urgent.. High fees for adjusting airline tickets for travelers

Some airlines have imposed a new fee of up to 30% of the ticket value, to be deducted directly when the amendment is made.

Passengers confirmed to "Emirates Today" that airlines imposed high fees of up to 30% of the value of the ticket to modify or cancel their reservations for travel during the current summer, without informing them in advance of this when booking, despite the cancellation of these fees after the Corona virus "Covid" pandemic. -19”, calling for the cancellation of these fees until the pandemic is completely over.

For its part, airlines confirmed to "Emirates Today" that any change in the issued travel tickets is subject to their price category, revealing that the traveler is charged an additional fee, if he wants to cancel the trip, or change it.

She stated that some reservations are not subject to modification, such as travel tickets within promotional offers, and those provided in the form of gifts.

Cancel and modify

In detail, the trader, Jamal Hussein, said that an airline he deals with deducted 20% of the value of tickets he booked early for his family members to an Arab destination, after he had to amend the reservation due to emergency circumstances specific to his work and the schools of his children.

He stressed that the airline did not inform him in advance of the existence of fees for amending the reservation, after the fees for amending tickets were canceled during the last period due to the “Covid-19” pandemic, calling for transparency and informing dealers of the existence of these fees so that the decision to book is made or not.

As for the dealer, Muhammad Yassin, he confirmed a 30% discount from the value of tickets after he was forced to cancel his travel to a destination where cases of Corona virus increased.

He said that the airline informed him that all cancellations, for any reason, are subject to fees, pointing out that these fees are very high and exaggerated.

He called on airlines and booking agents to inform customers in advance of the existence of fees for modification or cancellation, and also demanded that fees be continued until after the end of the pandemic, which is still ongoing in different regions of the world, and affects travel plans.

For her part, the trader, "Alia.M", confirmed that her and her family's infection with the Corona virus forced her to amend the reservation, but the airline deducted 25% of the ticket value, an amendment fee, although the reason for the modification was unforeseen and out of control satisfactory conditions.

And they agreed that the fees are too high and exaggerated, and demanded that they be abolished until the “Covid-19” pandemic ends permanently.

"Fly Emirates"

In addition, Emirates Airlines said that any change in travel tickets issued after last April 30 is subject to the price category of the ticket, pointing out that there are categories of travel tickets that are subject to fees in cases of modification or cancellation.

«Etihad Airways»

As for "Etihad Airways", it stated that the traveler is charged an additional fee, if he wants to cancel the flight, or change it, pointing out that the value of the fee depends on the route and the price at which the reservation was made.

She explained that if the traveler wants to cancel the reservation, the refund of the amount paid will be subject to the rules applicable to the original ticket price.

She stressed that making changes to the reservation or canceling it 96 hours before the flight time, will result in an additional fee of 10%.

Etihad Airways noted that the traveler will not be charged any change or refund fees for the monetary value in the event of the death of a passenger or one of his immediate family members, provided that the required official documents are provided.

She pointed out that if the traveler does not join his trip, he will be charged with no-show fees and change fees, advising customers to inform the company before “missing the trip”, as the return trip, or his next trip, will be canceled if he does not inform the company.