Urgent.. Implementation of a new system for renewing

It was announced that the issuance of the residence voucher for foreigners residing in the UAE would be suspended, and that it would be replaced with an Emirates ID card to prove residency.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship also announced the creation of a new unified form that includes the issuance and renewal of residence and identity card services in one application, as of next Monday (April 11th).

The authority stated that the decision to cancel the voucher came in implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers, in support of the development of the services provided, the application of best practices, and in order to achieve flexibility that aims to reduce the steps associated with the process of issuing and renewing the residence to be accompanied by the identity card in a new unified form, which includes the issuance and renewal of the residence and identity card services in a request One, instead of the previous individual requests, based on the improvement and development processes related to the customer journey, in order to embody the vision of the UAE to provide world-class and high-quality services enhanced by technology.

In a related context, the authority indicated that the authority’s smart application allows obtaining the electronic copy of the identity card in support of the flexibility of use upon request, stressing that the new generation of the Emirates ID card issued to the foreigner residing in the country includes the details that were included in the residence voucher, which enhances the value Added to the uses of the ID card in proving the personal identity of individuals through the presence of personal and professional data, the issuer, and other readable data on the face of the card, and the implicit details enhanced through electronic linking techniques.

Acting Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, said that the decision to stop issuing residency vouchers and adopt the Emirates ID card issued to a foreigner residing in the country to prove residency comes as an extension of the package of supportive decisions that seek to provide the best facilities to customers and raise the level of government services.

He pointed out that the previous form of the residence voucher will be available electronically only through the authority's smart application, in a step aimed at enhancing transitional flexibility towards using the ID card as an alternative during this period.

He added that the authority has strengthened work with those concerned with the aviation sector to enable holders of valid residency, who are outside the country, to come to the country, as well as the case for visitors, in light of verifying that entry criteria are met by using the passport reader available at the platforms of companies operating in the air transport sector at airports. .

He stressed that the authority has developed all the necessary technical facilities to obtain the details of individuals' residency through a printed form that can be applied for, stamped with the authority's stamp, through individuals' accounts using the authority's application or through the smart services system, via the website www.icp.gov.ae, which allows printing a form Accommodation details in just three steps.

He added that the entry into force of the decision will stop the service of receiving and delivering the resident's passport, which was previously assigned to the installation of the residence voucher sticker, which achieves a complete smart transformation of the authority's residence services, which enhances the happiness of customers, and adds qualitative flexibility to the issuance and renewal processes.