Urgent: Increasing the period of

In this context, the UAE Cabinet, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, has approved the new executive regulations for the residence system, which includes the new desired rules and controls in order to facilitate and facilitate the entry and residence procedures for foreigners and those who wish to work, invest and live in the Emirates from the regions of the world. different.

In a related context, the recently updated executive regulation for entry and residence in the UAE, which is expected to start activating during the coming month of September 2022, includes an integrated system and a new system of residency that carries many exceptional facilities, as the UAE seeks to attract investors, entrepreneurs and highly skilled workers in addition to owners Freelance work.

One of the most important amendments was the green residency system, which would grant foreigners the right to stay for a period of 5 years, accepting renewal, and bearing a greater number of benefits, especially for the recruitment of family members residing in the Emirates, in addition to that it included flexible grace periods that may reach 6 months after the expiration or cancellation of Residence.

It is worth noting that the green residence includes 3 types of categories or residences:

First: the green residence for the skilled worker.

Second: Green residence for self-employment.

Third: The green residence of the investor or partner in a commercial activity without a guarantor for a period of 5 years, subject to renewal.

These procedures come in order to replace the investor's previous residency, which was for two years, and the requirements related to it are easier and more advantageous.