Urgent instructions from the Ministry of Health after detecting the first case of monkeypox

After monitoring the first case of monkeypox in the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Ministry of Health has issued urgent statements confirming that it, in cooperation with health authorities, follows an epidemiological surveillance mechanism in accordance with the highest international practices to ensure sustainable efficiency and protect society from communicable diseases and speed up case detection. And work to limit the local spread of all diseases and viruses, including monkeypox

And monitoring the first case of monkeypox in the UAE, the Ministry called on the public to take information from official sources in the country and not to circulate rumors and false information, in addition to the importance of following up on developments and instructions issued by health authorities.

Humans can get monkeypox through close contact with infected people. The infection is usually mild and most people recover within a few weeks.
The World Health Organization indicated that infection with the disease occurs due to direct contact with the blood of infected animals, their body fluids, skin lesions, or mucous fluids, and it is possible that eating undercooked meat from infected animals is a risk factor associated with developing smallpox. The transmission of the disease at the secondary level, or from one person to another through excretions or contact
The disease is transmitted primarily through respiratory particles that take the form of droplets that usually require long periods of face-to-face contact, which exposes family members of active cases to a high risk of infection with the disease, and it is also possible for the disease to be transmitted through sexual relations or through the placenta .
According to the World Health Organization, the incubation period for monkeypox (which is the period between the stage of infection and the stage of symptoms appearing) ranges between 6 and 16 days, but it is also possible that it ranges between 5 and 21 days, as the stage of monkeypox infection is divided into two periods, the first period It is the invasion period (0 days and 5 days), and its signs include fever, severe headache, swollen lymph nodes, back and muscle pain, and severe weakness (loss of energy).
In the second stage, the rash appears (within a period ranging between 1 and 3 days after the fever), and the various stages of the appearance of the rash crystallize, which begins on the face most often and then spreads to other parts of the body.