Urgent.. New facilities for obtaining a UAE visa

The UAE Digital Government stated that those wishing to obtain a tourist visa for the Eid al-Fitr holiday in the UAE can request it through several channels, including airlines in the UAE, licensed travel agents and hotels.

She cautioned that airlines impose some conditions before they perform the procedures for issuing a tourist visa, the most important of which is traveling with the concerned airline.

You can refer to the local airlines to check the terms and conditions.

Visa services are available through the national airlines, namely: "Etihad Airways", "Emirates Airlines", "Fly Dubai" and "Air Arabia".

The UAE government stated that the procedures for obtaining a tourist visa can be completed through licensed travel agents and hotels in the UAE, provided that tickets are purchased through their offices, and a commitment to hotel reservations.

She indicated that it is possible to contact travel agencies in the traveler's country to take advantage of the UAE's tourism offers in cooperation with local tour guides.

The UAE government stressed the importance of ensuring the reliability of travel agents before dealing with them, and not paying any amounts, or sending copies of official documents until it is fully confirmed that the tourist agent is licensed and approved, and the help of the UAE embassies in the traveler's country can be requested for verification.

She pointed out that the UAE embassies or consulates abroad do not issue tourist or visit visas, and the tourist wishing to visit the UAE should refer to the UAE airlines, licensed travel agents, and hotels in the UAE and apply to them to obtain a tourist visa on his behalf through the relevant authorities The official responsible for issuing visas in the UAE.