Urgent.. obligating a homeowner to pay 950,000 dirhams to the tenants

The Abu Dhabi Family Court and Civil and Administrative Claims decided to oblige the owner of a villa to pay 950,000 dirhams to two tenants, in compensation for forcibly entering it, cutting off electricity, preventing them from owning the villa, and not benefiting from them for the remainder of their contract.

In the details, villa tenants filed a lawsuit, requesting that the owner of the villa pay them compensation of eight million and 360 thousand dirhams.

They indicated that they had rented the villa since 2012, and renewed the lease contract in 2016 for a period of four years paid in advance. He began to abuse them and cut off the electricity several times. He also threw trash in front of the main gate, parked his cars in front of the entrance to the house, and cut down the villa trees, with the intent of terrorizing and harassing them, which led them to file an urgent lawsuit to restore the power by force, and they were forced to live in a hotel until back current.

They pointed out that the defendant filed malicious complaints against them, broke into the villa, and broke its contents to force them to leave it.

The report of the arithmetic expert delegated by the court showed that, according to the documents, the defendant was tried on charges of entering the plaintiffs’ residence and damaging, and the court ruled that he was convicted and imprisoned for six months and a fine of 5,000 dirhams, with a stay of execution of the imprisonment sentence, indicating that in light of the judgments issued, and their contents of Investigations and minutes of gathering inferences and records of the villa inspection. The movables were counted and stated, and their value was estimated at 309 thousand dirhams.

In the ruling, the court stated that the plaintiffs had suffered damages as a result of depriving them of the use of the villa, despite the validity of the lease contract, and payment of the rental value, which incurred a loss of 400 thousand and 561 dirhams. Which they had done in the villa, and they were supposed to benefit from it until the date of the end of the contract, and the court ruled to obligate the defendant to pay the plaintiffs compensatory compensation for the material and moral damages incurred by them, amounting to 950 thousand dirhams, and obligating the defendant to pay the plaintiffs the delayed interest on the amount judged by 5% annually from the date of the judgment until full payment, not exceeding the original amount awarded.