Urgent.. Obligating students' parents to complete new procedures

Governmental school administrations have called on their students to provide school clinic officials with the student’s health data, by filling out four health forms, specified by the Emirates Health Services Corporation, to complete the health file of first-cycle students, related to vaccination or the general health status of students.

Schools communicated with parents to fill out four different health forms, which are a request for consent to give vaccinations specific to each student's age, a pre-dose vaccination questionnaire, a student's health history form, in addition to a general consent form.

The forms indicated that parents of students must determine whether the student suffers from any health problems mentioned in the form, mentioning the dates and making notes accurately, including allergies, heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, kidneys and infections, genetic blood diseases, or anemia, and other problems. Skin and vision problems, and whether the student has previously performed any of the surgeries, or uses any auxiliary medical devices, and whether he has contracted smallpox and measles, or suffers from any psychological or behavioral problems.

Schools asked parents to specify the medications and treatments the student is taking, and to mention any specific recommendations issued by the doctor regarding nutrition, sports or any daily activity at school. Parents should attach a medical report on the student's health status, provided that they are responsible for informing the school nurse when there is any change in the student's health status mentioned in the forms.