Urgent.. Obstacles to renewing

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security confirmed that personal photos that are subject to modification or improvement through electronic programs for image processing, and photos in which the eyes appear covered with colored lenses, cannot be accepted, calling on users to take into account the fulfillment of the specified criteria for accepting personal photos through smart systems.

The authority specified nine criteria that must be met in the image, which is that it be of high quality and modern color, not exceeding 5 months, and in size (35-40 mm), on a white background, and that features and facial expressions are neutral (natural and not exaggerated), and the position of the head Straight, not tilted, parallel to the photographic lens, eyes open towards the camera, without the use of colored lenses, eyeglasses acceptable, not obscuring the eyes, not reflecting light, covering the head according to national dress or religious belief, resolution (pixels) 600 DPI minimum, without ink or wrinkle traces.

The authority confirmed the updating of the criteria for including personal photos in the electronic application stages for residence permits and identity cards, in line with the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The authority made it possible to renew the residence electronically and through its smart application, through specific steps, starting with registration and account creation (digital identity), or access to electronic services in case of prior registration, choosing the service to renew the issuance of a residence permit, submitting the application, reviewing and updating the retrieved data, and paying fees. Submitting a request to renew the identity card, handing over the passport to the approved delivery company, placing the residence sticker on the passport, and delivering the passport through the approved delivery company.

The authority advised customers to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data, to verify the validity of the ID number and its expiration date in the renewal or replacement request, and to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data entered in the electronic form before paying the fees, to avoid delays in completing the transaction.

She called on customers to verify the phone number, e-mail, and delivery method included in the electronic form, noting that the data entered are subject to review and audit.

And she stated that customers can easily submit a request to renew the identity card through the website (www.ica.gov.ae), or the smart application (ica uae smart).