Urgent.. Offering a free visa for travelers.. Details and how to benefit from it

Two types of transit visas have been announced by the United Arab Emirates for all transit travelers wishing to visit the country.

On the other hand, the two visas, one for free and the other for a small fee.

Types of transit visas offered by the UAE:

The first visa was launched: a free 48-hour transit visa for travelers.

The second visa was also offered for a fee of about 50 dirhams, and its duration was 96 hours.

The UAE authorities have clarified that the concerned transit visas are coordinated with the UAE national airlines, and the visiting traveler submits an application for one of the two UAE transit visas before coming to and entering the UAE.

The UAE authorities have issued an important warning to travelers through UAE national companies and applicants for a transit visa that this type of visa cannot be extended and that a transit visa cannot be renewed.

The UAE smart government portal stated, on its website, that the visitor may not need to apply for a transit visa, if it is from

The UAE authorities have reported that there are some nationalities that do not need to apply for a transit visa, and they are of two types:

First: The specific nationalities that have been granted the right to obtain an entry visa upon arrival to the UAE

Second: Individuals who have the authority to enter the UAE without a visa.