Urgent.. One month deadline for ID card holders in the UAE

The UAE digital government has confirmed that the identity card holder must notify the competent department at the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, of any change in the data contained in the identity card within a month from the date of the change.

The authority stated on its website that it is possible to modify or update the identity card data through the digital service, whether through the website or the smart application. was outside.

There are no documents required, and the service fee is 50 dirhams, and the service is available through the smart services system (website) and the smart application throughout the day, seven days a week.

She explained the details of applying for the service through simple steps, which are accessing the smart services system (digital identity or user name), searching for the service to be applied for, filling in the application data where applicable, paying the service fee (if any).

The authority confirmed on the Frequently Asked Questions page on its website in response to a question: I got married months ago, should I change the identity card or review the authority to update my personal data?, that the identity card must be replaced (updating data) in the case of the marriage contract of the owner or owner of the identity card, what It leads to a change in the wife’s last name for some nationalities, but if there is no change, the data in the identity card and in the population registry system must be updated.