Urgent.. One week deadline for violators of entry and residence laws

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has confirmed that the validity period of the exit permit it issues to violators of entry and residence laws, after paying the fines incurred by the violator, is only 7 days.

And she pointed out that "the service of issuing an exit permit available to customers, through its website, also allows the possibility of issuing an exit permit for new-borns of the country who have not yet been issued residence permits," noting that "the fees for issuing the permit after completing and paying the fines amounted to 250 dirhams, including 100 dirhams application fee, 100 dirhams issuance fees, 28 dirhams electronic services fees, and 22 dirhams federal authority fees.

The authority has identified 3 channels for customers, allowing them to pay and pay fines, explaining that these channels are: "the authority's website, the smart application, or visit the nearest customer happiness center, or visit the nearest printing office approved by the authority."

And she explained, "The application for obtaining an exit permit electronically will be canceled after the lapse of 30 days in the event that the request is returned due to deficiencies in the data, or failure to complete the required documents, or it is returned 3 times due to deficiencies in the data."

Regarding fines for overstaying the entry permit or visa, the UAE digital government noted, “In the event that a tourist or visitor exceeds the period of stay permitted by an entry permit, visitor visa, or tourism, it is considered a violation and is fined by the relevant authorities in the amount of 200 dirhams for the first day. 100 dirhams for each day thereafter, 100 dirhams additional service fee when leaving the country

For residents of the country, the law gives them a grace period of 30 days, either to modify the situation and provide a new guarantee for them and their dependents, or to leave the country, and no fines apply during that period, and if the grace period expires and the resident exceeds the 30 days, he is fined 125 dirhams for the first day. 25 dirhams for each subsequent day, 50 dirhams for each day exceeded after 6 months of the grace period, and 100 dirhams for each day exceeded after one year of the grace period.