Urgent.. Providing financial support to 47,300 families in the UAE

The Ministry of Community Development announced the latest developments in the disbursement of allowances for inflation within the social support program for low-income people, at the level of the UAE, which includes three types of allowances: fuel allowance, food subsidy allowance, and electricity and water allowance. The ministry confirmed that the number of beneficiaries of the allowances has so far reached 47,300 families at the state level.

The bonuses stem from the keenness of the UAE leadership and government to provide decent livelihoods for the people of the country with limited income, by providing them with appropriate support.

Since mid-July, the ministry has started approving the disbursement of the fuel allowance for eligible people with limited income, while it began disbursing the food subsidy allowance as of August 5, followed by the electricity and water allowance, which will automatically benefit low-income people at the state level, who are entitled to inflation allowances. .

fuel subsidy

The Ministry has initiated the disbursement of the fuel subsidy bonus, since the middle of last month (July 2022), which comes out of the state's keenness to provide the basic needs of citizens with low incomes, and in the context of providing the necessary support to low-income people, to reduce the impact of fluctuations in fuel prices globally. .

It is noteworthy that determining the value of the monthly fuel allowance is linked to the social status of each eligible family, and this value varies according to the prevailing price of fuel, and is benefited from by presenting the Emirates ID card at one of ADNOC Distribution stations across the country, where the value of the bonus due throughout the month can be used. .

food support

The food subsidy allowance is disbursed according to the inflation rates of basic foodstuffs, and the value of the subsidy is linked to the change in inflation rates for basic foodstuffs, in an effort to provide a decent life for all family members, and the family is supported by creating one account for each family. This allowance is disbursed according to the social status of each family.

The ministry confirmed that all beneficiaries of inflation allowances registered in the "fuel allowance" are automatically registered in the "food allowance", and text messages are sent to them confirming their registration by creating an account linked to the Emirates ID card, and they can benefit from the value of the premium due on Throughout the month, by visiting one of the approximately 100 Lulu Hypermarkets outlets in various regions and emirates of the country. Show your Emirates ID card at the time of payment.

Electricity and water

The electricity and water subsidy allowance is part of the government's strategy aimed at helping people with low incomes in various aspects of living, especially the basic ones. During the coming period, the beneficiaries of the inflation allowance allowances will be automatically registered to receive the monthly subsidy for the consumption of electricity and water.

The Ministry of Community Development explained that the mechanism for applying for social assistance and inquiries related to support, are all available through the ministry's website (www.mocd.gov.ae), and the smart application, and registration is done using the digital identity or the Emirates ID.