Urgent.. Reducing class times in some schools and allowing students to leave early

Private schools in the northern emirates decided to reschedule classes, and the beginning and end of school hours, by reducing the class time by five minutes, to be 40 minutes instead of 45 minutes. The end of school hours will be from 2:25 instead of 2:45 pm.

School administrations indicated that they had received many observations from students’ families since the beginning of the current school year, related to the delay of their children in reaching home after the end of school hours, for two things: the length of school hours, and traffic congestion on public roads, as a result of the peak time due to employees leaving in same timing.

She added, that meetings were held with the students' families, and their observations and suggestions regarding scheduling classes and school hours were taken into consideration, and accordingly it was decided to reconsider the schedule in the interest of the students and their families, without affecting the educational process. She pointed out that the time of lessons has been modified by reducing their duration by five minutes, to become 40 minutes instead of 45 minutes, where students study seven lessons, and if they are reduced according to the new schedule, schools will have an additional 35 minutes.

She indicated that the additional 35 minutes were deducted from the beginning and end of school hours, so that the morning shift starts at 7:45 instead of 7:30, 15 minutes after the original time, and it was decided to reduce the end of school hours to be from 2:25 Instead of 2:40, 20 minutes before the original time.

The school administrations indicated that the end of school hours 20 minutes before the original scheduled time since the beginning of the school year contributes to reducing the gathering of students’ families in front of private schools, allowing students to exit easily, without facing any traffic jams in the vicinity of schools or on public roads. Some private schools start at eight in the morning and end at three in the evening, which contributes to reducing traffic jams, and for students to reach their homes without delay.

She added that the amendment of the class schedule came at the request of the students' families, who reported that their children arrive at home after four o'clock in the afternoon, that is, an hour and a half after the end of the school day, according to the new schedule, due to traffic congestion, and that their exit according to the revised schedule will reduce their arrival time to their homes by about 45 minutes.

She stated that the students’ arrival at their homes early gives teachers at all levels of study sufficient time to send homework and work papers early, and helps students complete them without delay, and review their lessons without being exhausted as a result of their late arrival at homes, as it was in the old schedule, and accordingly it is in front of students and their families Extra time to review lessons and get enough rest before preparing for the next school day.

She added that the new schedule was welcomed by the students' families, especially that it was based on their desire and suggestion, and that the schools seek to hold continuous and open meetings throughout the school year, to take the observations of the students' families in relation to the curricula, the teaching mechanism, and the administrative and educational dealings with them in order to develop the educational process.