Urgent Saudi Ministry of Labor to stop work permits for 50 jobs in 2020
Urgent Saudi Ministry of Labor to stop work permits for 50 jobs in 2020

The Saudi Ministry of Labor has announced the introduction of a new Saudization system to resettle occupations in all sectors and professions.

In a related context, the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia confirmed that the application will be the year 2020 in order to evacuate many occupations and jobs filled by expatriates and replace them with national labor, new graduates and unemployed citizens.


A source at the Ministry of Labor and Minister of Labor Ahmed al-Rajhi said that it is difficult to reverse the decision to stop work permits for expatriates working in nearly 50 professions, where about 50 professions will be evacuated from expatriates and part of these professions will be evacuated completely and partly Partially until the Saudi operation is completely completed.

We will mention some of the jobs that will be covered by Emiratisation, first in the tourism department, sales manager and sales manager of events and conferences), and the number of Saudis not less than one employee in the following occupations, if any for each facility, also included localization (food and beverage supervisor, room service supervisor, Party Supervisor, Laundry Supervisor, Hotel Manager, Assistant Manager, Information Technology Department, Assistant Manager, Sales Manager, Assistant Representative, Sales Representative.

In addition to the profession of health club supervisor, general services supervisor in a hotel, goods receipt clerk, recipient of room service requests, restaurant or cafe host, tourist information clerk, executive secretary, general administrative clerk, administrative officer, management coordinator.

Emiratisation also included some free professions for expatriates

Customs broker.
Car outlets
Scooters outlets
Glasses shops
Watch shops
Furniture stores
Shops selling building materials
Women's clothing shops
Clothing stores for men and children
The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, issued a decision to resettle a number of leading and specialized departments and occupations in the tourism accommodation sector. The tourism sector included nearly 20 occupations that will be settled soon.