Sheikh Khalifa

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa adopted the ten principles of the UAE, which are considered a reference for all institutions in the UAE to strengthen the pillars of the Union, build a sustainable economy, harness all resources for a more prosperous society, develop regional and international relations to achieve the interests of the higher state and support the foundations of peace and stability in the world.

As for those principles, they are as follows

the first:

The main main priority will remain strengthening the union in terms of institutions, legislation, powers and budgets, and developing all regions of the country, urban, developmental and economic, is the fastest and most effective way to consolidate the union of the Emirates.

The second:

Full focus during the coming period on building the best and most active economy in the world.. the state's economic development is the supreme national interest, and all state institutions in all their specializations and across their federal and local levels will be responsible for building the best global economic environment and preserving the gains that have been achieved during the past fifty years .

the third:

The foreign policy of the UAE is a tool to serve the higher national goals, foremost of which is the economic interests of the UAE. The goal of the policy is to serve the economy and the goal of the economy is to provide a better life for the people of the Emirates.

the fourth:

The main driver of future growth is human capital..Developing education, attracting talent, retaining specialists, and continuously building skills is the bet to maintain the supremacy of the UAE.


Good neighborliness is the basis for stability..the geographical, popular and cultural environment in which the state lives is the first line of defense for its security, safety and future development..Developing stable and positive political, economic and popular relations with this environment is one of the most important priorities of the state’s foreign policy.


Consolidating the global reputation of the UAE is a national mission for all institutions.. The UAE is one economic destination, one tourism destination, one industrial destination, one investment destination, and one cultural destination, and our national institutions are required to unite efforts, jointly benefit from capabilities, and work to build institutions Transcontinental under the umbrella of the UAE.


The digital, technical and scientific superiority of the UAE will define its development and economic borders, and its consolidation as a capital of talent, companies and investments in these areas will make it the global capital of the future.


The value system in the UAE will remain based on openness and tolerance, the preservation of rights, the consolidation of the state of justice, the preservation of human dignity, respect for cultures, the consolidation of human brotherhood and respect for national identity.. The state will remain supportive, through its foreign policy, of all initiatives, pledges and international organizations calling for peace, openness and human fraternity.


The UAE’s foreign humanitarian aid is an integral part of its path and its moral obligations towards the less fortunate peoples..Our foreign humanitarian aid is not linked to religion, race, color or culture..and political differences with any country does not justify not providing relief in disasters, emergencies and crises.

The tenth:

Calling for peace, peace, negotiations and dialogue to resolve all differences is the basis of the UAE's foreign policy, and striving with regional partners and global friends to consolidate regional and global peace and stability is a key driver of foreign policy. This is according to what was reported by Emirates Today newspaper