Urgent.. Some Gulf countries grant expatriates 15 years residency

In this context, a well-informed source stated that the Kuwaiti authorities are currently studying a decision to grant residence permits ranging from 5 to 15 years for expatriate investors, owners of companies and commercial projects and CEOs in some businesses, with the aim of enhancing openness and supporting economic diversification.

The source explained that there are tendencies to amend the residency system and work permits and diversify the forms of residency in the country, without the need for the sponsorship system, for some expatriates who serve the national economy. All these steps will strengthen the plan to attract investments to the country, and grant freedom of movement to company owners.

It is worth noting that the amendment will also extend the mechanism for granting the residence of the “sponsor himself” by facilitating the procedures for those who wish to them, especially those who have resided in the country for a long period, provided them with great services, or worked in the government apparatus and had the financial ability to manage their affairs without the need to work, stressing "This trend is still under discussion in the relevant authorities, especially the Ministry of Interior and the Public Authority for Manpower."

It is expected that investors in the residency granting system will be separated from the Public Authority for Manpower, and granted their own residency, according to regulations and legal procedures that will soon be approved, according to what was published by Sada Al-Kuwait newspaper.