Urgent statement from civil aviation regarding flights and passengers

Ahmed Al-Jallaf, Assistant Director-General of the Air Navigation Services Sector at the General Civil Aviation Authority, stated that flights are expected to increase, as they will exceed 2,100 air movements per day by the end of this year, an increase of approximately 70% compared to last year, which reached 1,238 flights.

Al-Jalaf stated that the studied precautionary measures have contributed to enhancing and accelerating the pace of recovery of air traffic in the airspace of the UAE, as a result of the impact of the (Covid-19) pandemic, as statistics indicate an average increase in air traffic in the country's airspace by (13.5%) since the opening (Expo 2020), compared to the same period before the opening

It is worth noting that the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center, which is affiliated with the authority, is constantly seeking to develop air navigation procedures and systems and air routes, in line with the volume of changes and the expected growth in air traffic. Providing modern air traffic management systems, to keep pace with the rapid growth in air traffic, and raise the efficiency and skills of the staff of air traffic controllers by using simulation devices to adapt to the expected air traffic numbers, as well as continuous coordination with national carriers, users of the country’s airspace, and the exchange of air traffic information continuously.

For his part, the Dubai Air Show constituted a clear message from the UAE, to the world, about the importance of uniting efforts to overcome the pandemic, and the economic damage it left on the world, according to what was published by Emirates Today newspaper.