Urgent statement regarding Dubai airports

This came after “the opening of the last phase of Concourse A within Terminal 3, which included all stations, concourses, rest areas, restaurants and retail outlets. It is expected that Terminal 3, which is now operating at full operational capacity, will serve more than 1.6 million passengers during the second half of the year.” December, during the travel period and seasonal holidays,” according to the official Emirates News Agency.

The report stated that over the past 18 months, "Dubai airports witnessed a stable increase in passenger traffic, which has increased significantly in recent months, as the number of passengers reached 10.6 million passengers during the first half of 2021, while the third quarter of the year witnessed a significant direct growth of that increase to reach It peaked last October, bringing the number of passengers to 20.7 million so far, and with the increasing demand for travel during the holiday season until the end of the year, the number of passengers is expected to reach 28.9 million passengers by the end of this year, achieving an estimated increase of 2.1 million over the September forecast. 2021".

The report pointed out that Dubai "received more than one million visitors during the month of October alone, and Dubai International Airport achieved a pioneering achievement by receiving one million passengers every week during the month of November, as the number of arriving passengers and travelers to multiple destinations reached 94% compared to the rates previously recorded. in the pre-coronavirus period.