Urgent statement to expatriates regarding their cars

In urgent news, a few hours ago, an urgent statement was received for expatriates in general and Egyptians in particular regarding their cars. The statement made it clear to Egyptians working abroad that the installments prevented them from taking their cars to Egypt.

In this context, the Egyptian customs expert, Osama Sami, issued some important statements directed to Egyptians working in foreign countries when they intend to buy and own a car with the intention of bringing it to Egypt.

On the other hand, Osama Sami has warned Egyptians working abroad who buy cars in installments during their stay and expatriate abroad that they cannot take them down to Egypt upon return, even though he is the first user of them.

On the other hand, the customs expert indicated that when the Egyptian expatriate buys his own car in installments, it will be in the name of the exhibition, and according to this procedure, the license is issued in the name of the exhibition as well.

It is worth mentioning and warning that when buying a car in installments, the buyer becomes the second owner of it, and the showroom is the first owner, and thus he loses the most important conditions of the Egyptian customs law regarding the release of cars imported from abroad accompanied by their owner.

It is noteworthy that the condition for customs release of cars coming with their owner in Egypt is that they be the first owner, regardless of the model year.