Urgent.. Tens of thousands of residents' driving licenses

An informed source in the Ministry of the Interior stated that, according to tens of thousands of expired licenses, residents had ordered, whose use and failure to renew them is against the law.

The source also stated that many residents circumvent the law to escape deportation, so that they continue to use expired licenses, and are punished with a fine of 5 dinars only when caught driving their vehicles, because they are treated as people who have expired licenses.

The source also clarified that there are about 20,000 driving licenses granted to university students by exception to complete their studies, but most of them finished their studies and did not take the initiative to hand them over, which made the General Traffic Department place a (block) on them for not renewing them.

In addition, there are about 40,000 expatriates who obtained driving licenses according to the available conditions, but with the change of their profession they lost one of the basic conditions “(the delegate, for example, who turns into a salesman later).”

It is worth noting that there is a circular that will be issued soon prohibiting driving the vehicle with the old license, even if its validity is continuous, and therefore the holder must replace it with the new one, in order to restrict counterfeiters who obtained driving licenses by illegal methods or lost the conditions that allow them to obtain licenses This leadership, according to Al-Rai newspaper