Corona virus
Corona virus

Record the spread of new strains of Corona virus in these countries in large numbers, and the following are the full details.

In this context, Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, stated that the new strain that Britain discovered from the Corona virus is more and faster than the first strain that swept the world at the beginning of this year.

An informed source stated that the new type of Coronavirus is coming from Africa, and it has crossed many European countries and countries of the world, and thus Africa may be considered the next focus after the discovery of many cases in Nigeria.

For its part, the World Health Organization stated that the new virus struck several regions in Nigeria in large numbers, prompting everyone to be careful of the virus because it has mutated indicating a new catastrophe.

It is worth noting that the new wave of the virus is strong and fierce, but it can be controlled by isolation immediately after feeling any symptoms of the disease, and wearing a muzzle if necessary to get out of the house and this was lost to what was published by Sada Emirates newspaper.