Urgent.. the fact that 3 days a week off work will be implemented soon

Experts and specialists in human resources confirmed that 3 days off per week contribute to creating an attractive and stimulating work environment for employees, supports family ties between employees and their families, and gives them ample time to rest, thus improving the quality of life for employees, as well as raising the productivity of employees, and the quality of work that they they do.

The specialists indicated during the discussion panel of the talk show “Your Space Through Al Bayan” on the “Al Bayan” account on the Twitter platform, under the title: 3 days off per week, do you increase or decrease productivity and quality?

This step helps to enable the various business sectors, governmental or private, to adapt to emergency circumstances and events, as this system increases work flexibility and at the same time works to achieve a balance between work interests and employees, as it allows a lot of time for employees to take into account the requirements of life, as well as It gives him time to start own projects for employees.

Noting that the success of the United Arab Emirates in changing the license was not a coincidence, but rather the result of the efforts it has made over the past years in preparation for this step by focusing its leadership on excellence, innovation, creativity and smart transformation.