Some may not expect that buying clothes, accessories or a commodity that carries certain fees can lead to imprisonment, as the law prohibits this behavior with an express provision in Article 55 of Federal Decree-Law No. 30 of 2021: “He shall be punished with a fine of not less than fifty thousand Dirhams, whoever manufactures, imports, brings, sells, or possesses for the purpose of promoting goods or publications bearing pictures, drawings, writings or ideas that invite or incite the commission of any of the crimes of narcotics or psychotropic substances stipulated in this Decree-Law. Whoever wears any clothing or uses any merchandise or printed matter mentioned in the previous paragraph, and in the case of recurrence, the penalty shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years, and in all cases, the seized items shall be confiscated.”

Colonel Abdullah Al-Khayyat, director of Hemaya International Center in the General Department of Narcotics Control in Dubai Police, revealed to Al-Bayan that ignorance of the law does not exempt from punishment, and everyone should review the laws constantly so that they do not fall under legal liability, calling on parents to pay attention to the matter. Especially the nationalities whose countries allow this and also allow the use of specific quantities as a matter of personal freedom, while punishable by UAE law.

Colonel Al-Khayyat pointed out that there are a set of globally recognized symbols that symbolize narcotic substances, such as the green leaf, syringe, cigarettes, the mushroom sign, cigars, the drug pill sign, and other symbols that studies and specialists in the treatment of addiction have proven that these signs invite To promote abuse or remind the repentant addict of abuse, and he may return to the world of drugs again after seeing them, stressing that memories are the biggest gateway to returning to abuse in the event of recovery, whether memories of people, places, specific events or symbols.

Colonel Al-Khayyat indicated that, unfortunately, young people may wear these clothes, or put any of these symbols on the car, or use accessories and collectibles decorated with them, and there are those who draw tattoos on the body for these shapes, which is punishable by UAE law, noting that Dubai Police It will conduct awareness campaigns on social media to prevent the matter from getting worse, and educate the public to take what is necessary to avoid legal accountability.