The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai reported that the system for submitting feedback and complaints for taxis allows passengers and drivers to evaluate each other in order to ensure that they obtain their rights equally, at a time when taxi drivers confirmed to "Emirates Today" that their evaluation of passengers encourages them to provide the best level of service. Because it makes them feel respected while doing their work, and also assures them that their right is preserved in the event of abuse by some customers who are not committed to public behavior and morals.

A driver said that equipping taxis with a number of advanced technologies, foremost of which is the presence of cameras inside the vehicle, contributed to preserving the rights of the driver in the event he was subjected to incorrect accusations by passengers, noting that before that, many procedures were required to verify the correctness of the passenger’s words and in some cases. Sometimes there was no conclusive evidence that it was incorrect.

The points on the basis of which the passenger evaluates the taxi driver include the appropriate and friendly way of dealing with the driver and not violating him with inappropriate words, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle and not causing dirt or damage to any of its facilities, in addition to the obligation to pay the service fees in full and without any problems. . Drivers rate passengers on a scale of 1 to 5 and can also make comments to be read by other drivers, which leads to the driver not accepting a booking request from customers with low ratings.

While customers of taxis in Dubai confirmed that they are evaluated by drivers when they board the vehicles booked through the “Hala” electronic reservation system, just as passengers are allowed to evaluate the driver and the taxi service.

Passengers of taxis Mohammed Saeed, Ali Mamdouh and Youssef Khalil confirmed that the service system, which ensures that all parties obtain their rights, is consistent with the civilized and high-quality level of services provided in the transport sector in the Emirate of Dubai in general. They added that there has been a remarkable improvement in the level of behavior and performance of taxi drivers in the emirate, and that the development and improvement has increased thanks to the improvements and projects implemented by the authority to develop public transport services over the past years.

While other passengers, Imran Ahmed and Mahmoud Jamil, suggested the existence of a mechanism to verify the accuracy of the driver’s assessment, and a passenger who preferred not to be named confirmed that he was surprised to receive a low rating for a reason he did not know, suggesting that it may be due to his request and his insistence on the driver to put the muzzle completely.

• Drivers rate passengers on a scale from 1 to 5 and can write comments for other drivers to read.

digital services

In recent years, the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has launched a set of digital services to develop the taxi sector, including the "Tak Taxi" initiative, which included the provision of free "Wi-Fi" in all taxis, which the customer can use through his smartphone via the WI-network. FI UAE, and then using the link ( to obtain several digital services, including communicating with the driver with an simultaneous translation of the passenger’s language into the language chosen by the driver and appearing in front of him on the meter screen.

Through Tech Taxi, the passenger can view the itinerary of his journey through a map that he can send to his family to know his location, in addition to an option that shows the passenger currency rates so that he can pay the taxi fare at the current market value of the dirham compared to the customer’s currency, as well as the availability of a happiness scale and the extent of his satisfaction with The service, in addition to another option that enables it to evaluate the driver’s performance and behavior by viewing the driver’s file.