Urgent.. The UAE announces an increase in the age for recruiting expatriates

The United Arab Emirates announced a short while ago, in urgent news, raising the age for bringing children of foreigners to the Emirates up to 25 years.

The executive regulations of the Federal Decree-Law regarding the entry and residence of foreigners granted a large package of benefits to family members, whereby a foreigner residing in the country may easily and easily bring in his family members, including the husband and children.
The age of sons has been raised to 25 years, from 18 years only, in addition to unmarried daughters, regardless of age. Sons of people of determination are granted residence permits with their families, regardless of age.
Additional benefits have also been introduced for a foreigner who obtained a green residency permit to bring in his first-degree relatives, and in all cases the residency of family members shall be for the duration of the residence of the head of the family.