Urgent, the UAE authorities impose new medical examinations on employees

In this context, with the participation of Ajman Specialized General Hospital and the “Spices of Arabia and India” factory in Ajman, the Ajman Center for Social Responsibility implemented the second phase of the “Workers’ Health Day” initiative.

The center also reported that more than 75 factory workers benefited from the initiative, with the aim of providing medical examinations for workers in the private sector.

The center also indicated that a number of medical tests were provided, including checking blood sugar and blood pressure, checking cholesterol and lipids in the blood, and measuring weight and height to find out the body mass index.

For its part, the company "Siba Med" for medical products distributed to the factory workers.

For his part, CEO of Ajman Center for Social Responsibility Nasser Al Dhafri stressed that the continued implementation of the Workers’ Health Day initiative reflects the importance of the initiative and its role in providing a healthy environment that supports business continuity and embodies the state’s directions and efforts exerted in caring for the individual and society, considering the development of human capital at the top of the priorities in accordance with what It was published by the Emirati newspaper Al-Ittihad.