Urgent.. The UAE offers 8 types of visit visas to incoming travelers

The executive regulations of the Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners, to be implemented on the fifth of this month, specify eight types of temporary visit visas that may be granted to foreigners to enter the country, whether for a single trip or for several trips, and may be extended for a similar period or periods.

Visas are classified according to the purpose of the visit, which are: tourism, visit a relative or friend, work assignment, explore job opportunities, explore business establishment opportunities, treatment, study, training or qualification, courtesy visa.

These visas are granted by the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security, and after the approval of the competent authorities. A visit visa may be issued by the head of the authority or whomever he delegates, for other purposes not mentioned, provided that the seriousness of the purpose of coming to the state is verified.

With regard to the courtesy visa, the regulation indicated that embassies and consular bodies representing the country abroad can grant a courtesy visa after the approval of the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Port Security for two categories, the first: a visitor visa for personalities who consider it appropriate to grant this visa, and the second is a visit visa for holders of diplomatic and special passports and passports United nations.

The regulation specified the duration of stay for the visitor entry visa, as it indicated that the duration of the visitor’s stay is determined by the purpose of his coming to the country in accordance with what the authority determines in this regard, and in all cases the period of stay should not exceed one year, with the need to meet the prescribed fee and guarantee, and it is permissible by a decision of the head of The authority or whoever it authorizes to extend the entry visa for the visit for a similar period or periods if the seriousness of the reason for the extension is proven and the fees due have been paid.

The regulation indicated that the entry visa for a visit is valid to enter the country for a period of 60 days from the date of its issuance, and it can be renewed for similar periods after paying the prescribed fee.

With regard to an entry visa for the purpose of visiting a relative or friend, the regulations set four conditions: the visitor must be a relative or friend of a citizen or a foreigner residing in the country in accordance with the provisions determined by the authority, and attach proof of kinship and justifications for the visit, and fulfill the financial guarantee determined according to the purpose, and if The purpose of entry is for a foreign wife to visit her husband, who is a citizen of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, who is required to have a valid residence permit in the country of which the husband holds her nationality.

It also indicated with regard to the visit visa for the purpose of treatment, that the guarantor or the host in this case is a licensed health facility in the country, and the visa may be granted to the companions or escorts of the treatment recipient, and three conditions are met: submitting an approved medical report and a letter from the host party stating the justifications for the visit, and fulfilling the guarantee The financial decision in the case of granting an entry visa to the escort to treat the patient, and it is required that the escort enter the country with the patient, and that the escort hold an entry visa similar to the patient’s entry visa (single or multiple trips, according to the circumstances). Cases The beneficiary must have health insurance, and the prescribed financial guarantee must be provided.


Conditions for an entry visa for the purpose of visiting a relative or friend, including attaching proof of kinship and the justifications for the visit.