Hours ago, the monitoring authorities announced that many residents of the Middle East region were suffering damage from the arrival of a very massive mass, mainly composed of sulfur dioxide, which is the huge mass that resulted from the explosion of the Atna volcano in Italy.

In this context, and as soon as the sulfur dioxide gas block was announced to have arrived in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in addition to the Levant and some Gulf countries, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; The authorities have announced the issuance of a number of important warnings and warnings regarding how to avoid the damage that this volcanic gas storm may cause to the residents of the region.

It is worth noting that the recent explosion of the volcano Atna is considered the explosion number 17 of this volcano, and the intended volcano is located on the island of Sicily of Italy.

It is worth noting that many weather monitors and environmental observatories around the world have a number of footage documenting the movement and transit of that huge mass of storm that carries sulfur dioxide until it reached the Middle East until it reached the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, pictures of the storm that carries a huge mass of sulfur dioxide have been published on the site "adamplatform", which is concerned with publishing environmental news. The pictures of the site on the social networking site Twitter recently showed the outbreak of a storm carrying a huge mass of sulfur dioxide and identified For itself a path towards the east.

The monitoring bodies, in addition to satellites, tracked the huge storm until it was announced that it had arrived in Egypt, heading to the Levant, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other areas that would be affected by the storm's passage.

It is worth noting that sulfur dioxide gas has a strong smell, and is not visible in the eyes, and it is a serious cause of side effects and effects on the eyes and the respiratory system.