Urgent.. Traffic violations with a fine of 800 dirhams and 4 traffic points

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers against behaviors and distractions that distract them from the road while driving, which may cause traffic accidents, including eating, drinking and smoking, as well as applying make-up for women, as it exposes them to a violation of non-road preoccupation, and a fine of 800 dirhams and four points.

Preoccupation with the phone while driving has caused several traffic accidents in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi during the past years, resulting in the death and injury of people, and various damages to vehicles, while the Traffic and Patrols Directorate tightens the control procedures and violates a large number of drivers for their preoccupation with driving, whether using the phone or otherwise.

Abu Dhabi Police stated that there are several images of being distracted by other than the road, including using the phone to send messages via "WhatsApp", browsing the Internet and social networking sites, making a call, taking pictures, and other distractions and behaviors that may lead to serious consequences and the danger of causing accidents. Traffic accidents as a result of not paying attention to the road while driving.

And she stated that Clause (32) regarding traffic control rules and procedures No. 178 of 2017, is applied, being busy on the road while driving a vehicle using the phone and being busy on the road while driving the vehicle in any way, and violating it is a fine of 800 dirhams and four traffic points.

Abu Dhabi Police statistics and analysis of traffic accidents that occurred during the past years revealed that most of the traffic accidents that occurred in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi were due to road traffic, and more than 100,000 road traffic violations were recorded during the first half of this year. And she cautioned that making a phone call or receiving a call or text message while driving leads to several problems on the road, the most important of which is distracting the driver from attention, which may result in deviation between lanes of the road, slowing the speed of the vehicle, disrupting traffic and bypassing the red light, And the commission of a number of serious traffic violations and accidents.

She pointed out that traffic studies showed that using the phone while driving reduces the speed of the driver's response to avoid danger by 19%.