Urgent.. Two planes collide in the sky near the airport

The police in the United States of America issued a few hours ago a new official statement in order to announce the collision of two planes, one of them a helicopter, within hours on Friday, October 1, 2021.

On the other hand, the US police made it clear through its latest statement that two people who were on a helicopter were unable to escape and passed away after the violent collision.

Police revealed that these two people were on board the helicopter that suddenly collided with another plane in the sky near a local airport located in Phoenix, which is located in the US state of Arizona.

On the other hand, the American police reported through a press conference held hours ago that what happened to the two planes in the sky was in the early hours of last Friday morning, and that the two who could not survive were boarding the helicopter while.

The police also revealed that the other plane managed to land safely at the nearby airport, with no injuries recorded between them

The US police stated that the two planes (the helicopter and the other) belonged to a specialized aviation school.