Urgent warning to all car owners of a traffic violation fine of 1000 dirhams

Abu Dhabi Police called on the owners of trailers and semi-trailers of all types and sizes to provide the safety conditions represented in a red rear lamp and a reflective plate to alert road users and ensure that they comply with safety requirements and to review the Directorate of Drivers and Vehicles Licensing to conduct the necessary technical examination and licensing and to place number plates for them legally and extract " Additional number plate" to be placed at the back of the trailer

She stated that the movement of unlicensed trailers or that do not meet the security and safety conditions on internal and external roads is in violation of the provisions of the Traffic and Traffic Law in accordance with Article 96, which stipulates a fine of 1,000 dirhams in two cases, the first when towing a vehicle, boat or vehicle without a license and the second when towing a vehicle or A boat or vehicle in a way that does not meet the conditions of security and safety.

And she called for the need to ensure the validity of the trailers to run on the roads with high efficiency and that there are no problems that cause the trailer to be invalid, or have malfunctions, resulting in consequences that may harm the owners of the drivers.

It pointed out its efforts to intensify oversight through traffic teams and elements, which continues its work in seizing the owners of the violating trailers, referring the violating drivers to the judicial authorities and taking the necessary and legal measures against the perpetrators.