British Corona strain
British Corona strain

The health authorities in the State of Morocco issued, hours before Monday, April 5, 2021, to monitor the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, especially for the British strain, in 7 regions of the country.

On a related note, Rana Al-Hujjah, who holds the position of Program Director at the World Health Organization, stated that the Health Organization does not have certain knowledge of the extent of the period given by the Corona virus vaccines from immunity precisely until this moment.

In this context, Rana Al-Hujjah explained that the emerging corona virus records drastic and varied changes every year from its predecessor, and according to these data, there is a periodic renewal of information about anti-vaccines.

On the other hand, Rana Al-Hujjah confirmed, through statements to the Saudi news channel, that the information of the signs is constantly renewed and that the World Health Organization is closely following and carefully studying the period of immunity granted by Corona vaccines.

The World Health Organization has stated that after careful follow-up of the vaccines, it came out with a result stating that the initial period of immunity resulting from Corona vaccines is six months and that this is preliminary information and not a confirmed final result.

With regard to developing an effective anti-corona virus treatment, the WHO Program Director explained that until this moment, scientists have not come up with a drug and treatment for the emerging corona virus, Covid 19, and an experiment has already been conducted for several drugs and treatments, but no result has been recorded.